Gas Interlock Systems

We supply and fit Gas Interlocking Systems (GIS) that are now legally required in commercial kitchens.

A Gas Interlock checks the kitchen extract fan is running before allowing gas in to the kitchen. If the fan stops, it will cut off the gas supply.

Do I need a gas interlock?

You will need a gas interlock in the following circumstances*:

  • On installation of a completely new extraction/ventilation canopy
  • On installation of a completely new gas pipework run
  • On installation of a completely new cook line or layout

With any fitting of Category ‘B’ equipment e.g. combination ovens, deep fat fryers, grills, charcoal griddles. This includes replacements to an existing layout
* This is only general information and not a statement of law, always consult a COMCAT Gas Safe engineer. Most restaurants, takeaways, cafés and pubs will need a gas interlock to comply with current standards.


Gas Solenoid Valve This is an electric valve which turns the gas on and off, it is controlled by the control panel above.

banico interlock system

Gas Interlock System The panel acts as an interlock between the ventilation system and the gas solenoid valve. This system can work in conjunction with both external current monitors and air pressure differential switches in order to interlock.