Commercial Catering Gas Certificate

Commercial Catering Gas Certificate In Stoke On Trent And Surrounding Areas.

  • The law, your local authority and your insurers require a yearly Gas Safety certificate for your kitchen. This inspection is just like a car MOT, all safety critical items are checked and you are advised of any defects.
  • Our experienced engineers will complete a Gas Safe Inspection Certificate for Commercial Catering (CP42
  • The certificate will cover all Commercial Kitchens including Take Aways, Restaurants, Pubs, Café, Hotels, Schools, Nursing Care Homes and Community Centres. Appliances tested include COMCAT1 (Cookers, ranges and ovens, bain marie, hot cupboard, stoves, hot plates, boiling burners).

Why do i need a Commercial Catering Gas Certificate?

It is required by Law to have a kitchen Gas Safe check every year.

Without one, you are operating illegally and your insurance could be invalidated. If your council’s health and safety officer finds you don’t have a Gas Safety certificate, they can shut you down immediately!

A Gas Safety Check is just like a car MOT. Every year a qualified engineer must safety inspect all your gas kitchen equipment and canopy extract system, then write the report certificate.

What is a gas interlock ? do i need a gas interlock.

A Gas Interlock checks the kitchen extract fan is running before allowing gas in to the kitchen. If the fan stops, it will cut off the gas supply.

Do I need a gas interlock?

You will need a gas interlock in the following circumstances*:

  • On installation of a completely new extraction/ventilation canopy
  • On installation of a completely new gas pipework run
  • On installation of a completely new cook line or layout
  • With any fitting of Category ‘B’ equipment e.g. combination ovens, deep fat fryers, grills, charcoal griddles. This includes replacements to an existing layout
    * This is only general information and not a statement of law, always consult a COMCAT Gas Safe engineer. Most restaurants, takeaways, cafés and pubs will need a gas interlock to comply with current standards.