Which is the best combi boiler

Best new combi boiler

You must have searched high and low on google to find out which is the best combi boiler? Well I will tell you which combi boiler I would fit in my own home. I have over ten years experience installing new combi gas boilers throughout the UK and must have personally fitted and serviced hundreds.

Should I have a Baxi, Worcester Bosch or Vaillant combi boiler fitted?

The only boilers I would go for are Baxi, worcester Bosch or Vaillant. Baxi: Have been manufacturing in the UK since 1866. Worcester Bosch: Started out in Worcester UK in the 1960’s, later joined up with bosch group and are now known as Worcester Bosch. Vaillant: Started out in Germany in 1874 and has the famous bunny in an egg logo. Baxi’s are more competitively priced out of the three brands, offering fantastic parts and labour warranties up to ten years on the Baxi Platinum range. Excellent customer care. Technical line not as quick to answer the call, can keep you on hold if you require technical assistance. Easy to install and service. Cheap parts if out of warranty. Down side, the largest and heaviest boiler out of the three so might not be able install if space is limited, tends to leak around the thermistor’s and overheat stats. Seen a lot of leaks around the copper tails if not installed correctly after a few years. Worcester Bosch are a brand most people will recognise and have heard off, mainly through advertising and cleaver marketing. More expensive than the Baxi brand and probably on par with the Vaillants. A lot of engineers love installing Worcester due to ease, size and weight. Well and solidly built. Feels a quality piece of kit. With up to eight years parts and labour warranty if fitted by accredited installers. Great after service from Worcester, very helpful technical and knowledgeable team, very easy to service and repair. Parts dearer than Baxi but of a higher quality. No real down sides apart from initial cost. Vaillant are in a different league altogether, far superior build quality, extremely light weight and compact. A joy to install, service and repair. Parts tend to be the most expensive out of the three. Great after service. Fantastic technical department, with upto seven years parts and labour warranty if fitted by an accredited installer. I can say I have never seen one leak if installed and maintained correctly. Pretty much bomb proof and would definitely be my first choice in which is the best combi boiler. So there you have it, the answer you will probably never find anywhere on the website. Please note this is a personal choice based on my experience and knowledge, totally unbiased. Other engineers or industry professions may have a difference of opinion and advise. I have no links to any of the brands or financial gains. Click to see which new boiler deals we have