Need A New Boiler? How To Save £1,500 On A New Boiler Replacement

Need a new Boiler Installed

Need a new boiler? Is your boiler broken down, fed up of having it repaired, costing a fortune in high gas bills? Now is the time to get a new energy efficient and reliable A rated condensing boiler.

You want to pay as little as possible but still have the best and most energy efficient replacement boiler on the market?

Are you looking for the best advice available on how to save £1,500  on a new boiler replacement and where to get an affordable new gas boiler?

Keep on reading and I’ll show you how to get an affordable new gas boiler supplied fitted.

Should I try British Gas

You’ve seen the adverts and decided to try the biggest boiler installers in UK, British Gas.  You’ve arranged for a quote. so they send round a salesman, not what you expected, you only wanted advise from an heating expert who fits boilers day in day out not a salesperson. After several hours of pressure selling and sales talk he’s still here and showing no signs of leaving until you’ve signed on the dotted line, as a final incentive the salesperson promised one year’s complimentary home care, which is British Gas boiler insurance, which you don’t need as most of the well known boiler brands, the likes of Worcester Bosch, Vaillant offer between 5 & 7 years, Baxi Platinum with an impressive 10 years parts and labour warranty,  providing the boiler is serviced annually by a Gas Safe Engineer. why would you need to pay for extra British Gas cover? Finally the quote, you expected  it to be quite high and not very competitive, I only wanted a new boiler installation not a secondhand car you think. Day wasted the salesman has finally gone, you are left feeling angry and think about throwing away the quote with disgust. Wait I’ll try the smaller firms surely they must be more competitive and also provide a much better service?

What do British Gas charge for a Boiler Replacement?

Typical British Gas boiler installation cost for combi boiler £3,700

After a recent survey by the likes of British Gas Eon and N Power are charging up to £3700 for a straight combination for combination swap. Not taking in account the extra charge for boiler Worcester Bosch combi £1,000, fit combi boiler £1,200 Install flue £195, connect boiler electrics and test £196, thermostats £150, boiler controls £95, Install copper pipe 3 metre’s 22mm £134, Install copper pipe 15mm 3 metre’s £106, fit condensate pipe £40, filling loop £20, fit waste pipe 9 metre’s £95, waste collection £51, system water treatment and power plush £354. At Gasmaster we will give you a fixed price which includes the above and up to 10 years parts and labour warranty on all Baxi Platinum boiler’s prices starting from just £1495 , fully supplied and fitted, with potential saving’s of at least £1,500 if not more against British Gas. The price we quote is for supply and fit of a new replacement boiler inc vat.

Fixed price Boiler Installation

Typical Gasmaster boiler installation cost for combi boiler £1,595

When you call Gasmaster a heating expert who fits boilers for a living will take your call, not a machine or sales person (we dont have any). Our gas engineers will listen and give best advice on suitable boiler’s taking into account the customer’s property and budget we will also give you a ball park figure as to what it may cost on the different boiler makes and models, there and then, check out our fixed price boiler deals, if that sounds right for you we can book you in for a more detailed quote  for any time between 8 am till late even weekends and Bank Holiday’s. So no need to take time off work. We will turn up on time, and offer to take our shoes off or wear overshoes as the gas engineer may have been installing a boiler earlier, as promised we will only send out gas engineers to do quotations no sales and have the ultimate respect for our customers and property, usually we try to use the engineer for the quote and installation of your new boiler. No fancy talk or  technical jargon just clear and informative advise. The quote can take up to about 1 hour depending on the complexity of the work. Extra work may be required to comply with current gas regulations, usually we find the gas supply pipe is undersized and may need to be upgraded from 15 mm to 22 mm, room thermostats and Thermostatic radiator valves. Gasmaster will leave a breakdown on different boiler prices supplied and fitted and extras mentioned earlier. what about deposit ? don’t worry pay us 20% so we can place an order for the boiler, then final payment when job is done and you are completely happy with your new boiler install. We work on trust, after all you trust us to do a good job, so why should we disappoint?

Check out our testimonials, they speak for their self.

No fancy sales tricks or hard sell

Unlike some of the other company’s we have come across in the past who use underhand sales tactics and gimmicks, we don’t do any (we don’t know any), we just offer best advise for the customer whilst remaining  competitive and highly professional in everything we do. We believe no one should be forced or pushed to make a quick decision and will leave the quote with you and let you think it through at your own time, If you are happy with the quote or want to discuss further please call us on 01782 855096 or 07896677083. Gasmaster boiler engineers will help you make the right decision based on whats right for you and your property.

Boilers at trade prices

We only ever charge our customers trade price’s on the boilers flues and all material used to complete the job no markup, we only make on the installation hence the low prices.

01782 855096 Land line or 07896677083 Mobile.