Landlords Gas Safety Checks Stafford

Gas safety check Stafford (CP12) now at £65.00

All Rented properties with a gas supply require an annual Gas Safety Check by law.

We provide a service to local landlords and property companies across Stafford. Either an inspection and or gas appliance servicing in one.

Landlord Gas Certificate £65.00 for upto 2 appliances, boiler, cooker or £95.00 including Boiler Service.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Inspections Stafford CP12

It is a requirment by law that all gas boilers must be serviced annually.  This must be done by a Gas registered engineer.  All Boiler manufacturers also recommend that you get your gas boiler service and inspected once a year by a qualified engineer.  This helps to reduce the risks of break downs and keeps your boiler operating in the maximum fuel efficiency it is built for.

What’s in the check list?

  1. Check appliance for gas tightness.
  2. Check standing and working pressure if test points available.
  3. Check burner pressure / gas rate against manufacturer’s data plate.
  4. Check for satisfactory ventilation on all compartments and external walls.
  5. Provide flu/gas analyzer report.
  6. Check satisfactory operation of all safety devices.
  7. Check for physical stability, presence and effectiveness of stability brackets (where appropriate).
  8. Carry out flue flow test to ensure safe removal of products of combustion
  9. Investigate any evidence of unsafe operation and report to a responsible person.

An appliance can not be deemed as having been checked until the above has been completed.

If you require a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) a tightness test of the full system should be added to the above.

Annual reminders – Most of our customers rely on our automated reminder scheme; we will contact you to remind you two weeks before your safety checks and services are due – we offer a convenient and service.

Special offers – £65.00 for upto 2 appliances, boiler, cooker or £95.00 When you combine your boiler service with your Landlords Gas Safety inspection CP12. See Price details

Discounts for multiple properties – If you use our services on three or more properties we will be pleased to give you a discount.

Selling your home – To make your home more attractive to prospective buyers, why not get a gas safety inspection done on your appliances ?  This will give a peace of mind to anyone ready to move into your home.

Buying a new home – Always check to see that there has been a gas safety check done on the appliances, and that a certificate is present.  If not, give Gasmaster a call and we will take care of this for you.

Carbon monoxide alarms – We will be happy to advice wether or not you need a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in your property.

We can provide you with a Landlord Gas Safety Inspection CP12 around Stafford.